Monday, 17 August 2009

Terima email ni dpd kawan....


EAT MINIMUM 6 GREEN APPLES A DAY AND FRESH ORANGE JUICE for those with sore throat please blend the apples and keep on taking till your fever disappear and yr symtoms are gone....I cannot explain it but the child in Shah Alam was ok too after taking this tip.... staff's son was given the apple juice for the whole day on Monday/Tuesday and dengan kuasa ALLAH he was out of the fever yesterday Wednesday....she called me and was crying on the phone to say that her son was out of ICU and was able to eat normally...all these happened within just 4 days today (thursday 6 august)...

This is just to share with my fellow sisters and brothers and hope this small info could assist others as well, INSYA'ALLAH!!!!!!!!!! No harm in trying and kuasa ALLAH anything can happen!!!!

Akan Ku sampaikan walaupun sebaris ayat......

"JOM Seiring Sejalan"

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  1. email yg akak terima ni dr collegue hubby. anak staff dia kena H1N1. tp yg sedihnya ada satu kes tu, one of d staff meninggal kerana H1N1 tgh mengandung 7 bulan. sedihnyaaa!!!!


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